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First Bavarian University

The Pfründnerhaus – another impressive building dating from the time of Ludwig the Bearded – reached its apotheosis in the era of humanism and the Counter-Reformation. In 1472, Duke Ludwig the Rich founded the first Bavarian state university here. The Hohe Schule was among the most important universities in the German-speaking world, alongside those in Vienna and Prague.


In the 16th century, the Jesuits were summoned to the university. Konrad Celtis, Dr. Johannes Eck, Aventin, Peter Apian and Christoph Scheiner all taught there. Ingolstadt remained the intellectual and cultural centre of Bavaria for 328 years.

"Emperors, kings, princes, great statesmen and heroes all passed through its doors," recounts an chronicler, referring to the lengthy heyday of the Hohe Schule. Today the building houses a study centre for Bavarian universities, and offers teaching courses aimed at professors.