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For a taste of Hollywood: cinemas in Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt's contingent of cinemas is once again complete. Film fans can now choose between the Cinestar multiplex cinema at the Westpark Shopping Centre, the art cinema at the Audi Forum and the two Altstadtkino screens, which reopened in August 2012. Whether you want to catch the latest blockbuster or have a liking for art films, a trip to the cinema is a great way to round off your visit to Ingolstadt. Take a look for yourself:


Since August 2012, the two cinemas in the Old Town – Cinema (Manggasse) and Union (Josef-Ponschab-Strasse) – have again been a hive of activity. The Union is the second-oldest purpose-built cinema in Bavaria. Its art nouveau architecture provides an atmospheric backdrop to an evening of entertainment in the Old Town. Two experienced cinema operators are perpetuating the long tradition of cinema in the heart of Ingolstadt: the two screens offer both mainstream movies as well as art films and foreign-language productions.

Kinobetriebe Ingolstadt GmbH
Wolfgang Schick
Manggasse 2
D-85049 Ingolstadt

Tel. +49 841 99343999



A conventional multiplex cinema can be found in the west of the city at the Westpark Shopping Centre, which is right beside the Audi roundabout. Twelve screens show the latest blockbusters, special film series are devoted to German productions and at preview evenings you can enjoy a glass of champagne before settling down to watch a film – ahead of its official release. Films aimed at children are also screened. Armed with a huge box of popcorn, this is the perfect way to spend an entertaining family afternoon.

Cinestar Ingolstadt
Am Westpark 2
D-85057 Ingolstadt

Tel.: +49 841 9816610
Fax: +49 841 9816622


Art cinema at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt

This small but sophisticated cinema is the place for both lovers of art cinema and fans of mainstream movies. The programme changes weekly and includes genuine classics, blockbusters, nature and Hollywood productions – for adults and children. During Ingolstadt's major festivals such as the 20minimax short-film festival and "October is a Woman", which celebrates female artists, the cinema screens films relating to the given topics. Cinema combined with gourmet eating is another great idea: each season, the Avus Restaurant in the Audi Forum presents themed menus that tie in with individual films. Bon appétit!

Audi Forum Ingolstadt
Ettinger StraĂźe
D-85045 Ingolstadt

Tel.: +49 841 89-37575
Fax: +49 841 89-41860



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