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Ingolstadt counts itself among those cities that offer visitors the most attractions and activities in the smallest area. Lovers of classical music will be inspired here, as will amateur historians and art aficionados. Here you can find out more about Ingolstadt's main sights, all of which lend a particular allure to our attractive city. Read on!

If you're just travelling through or have only a couple of hours to spare after a meeting, then you'll find a number of suggestions under "Whistle-stop Ingolstadt". Or maybe you have more time and are spending a few days in the city? Then be inspired by our tips for enjoying a fantastic weekend in Ingolstadt. If it happens to rain during your stay, then these "good-mood" ideas are guaranteed to lift your spirits. Keep clicking!

Whistle-stop Ingolstadt – tips for a short visit

Why not spend an hour or two exploring Ingolstadt's city centre? A tour of the Old Town offers a condensed yet in-depth overview of the city's historical buildings and churches. Along the way, you'll learn key facts about our city's past, recounted in an entertaining style and, for iPhone users, available to download from the app store. And while you're here, why not browse the small shops and boutiques in the picturesque city centre before treating yourself to a delicious slice of cake and a cup of coffee in a welcoming café. We're confident that will whet your appetite for more... Other suggestions for a whistle-stop visit include the Audi Forum and museum mobile, a trip to Ingolstadt Village outlet shopping centre or a walk around the Baggersee, a flooded gravel pit, followed by a tasty snack at the Fischerheim, a lakeside eatery.

An ideal weekend in Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt is centrally situated, which means you can easily travel to the city on Friday after work. If you want to get an overview of the various options for your visit, then call into our tourist information centre on Rathausplatz. Here you can find out the latest information to ensure a fabulous weekend in Ingolstadt. If you'd like to look around a bit, then we recommend a guided tour of the Old Town. After your tour, head for one of Ingolstadt's restaurants, where you can savour a typical Bavarian "Brotzeit" comprising bread with cheese and cold meats, or the acclaimed dish of roast pork with beer gravy. If you'd prefer to make your own choice from a wide range of eateries, then you're sure to find the one you're looking for here.

After your meal, you can spend the rest of the evening in style: Ingolstadt's bars, clubs and cafĂ©s offer a great atmosphere until the early hours of the morning. And early on Saturday morning the place to be is the market – the first people here are usually the hardy night owls, who round off their evening with sausages and a final glass of beer after 4.00 a.m. at the "Viktualienmarkt” near the theatre in the heart of the city.

For those who've had a good night's sleep, one option for the next morning is the market, which sells fresh vegetables from near and far, then why not make for an Italian bar in the city centre to catch up on the latest news over a cup of coffee? Suitably revived, this is the best time to take a look around Ingolstadt's shopping opportunities: from Ingolstadt Village, an outlet shopping centre in the east of the city, through the charming Old Town, to Westpark indoor shopping centre, there's something for everyone. How about an excursion beyond the city in the afternoon? Leave your car where it is: explore Ingolstadt's attractive environs on foot or hire an electric bike or Segway to enjoy the scenery without breaking into a sweat.

Back already? Then take time out to enjoy a hearty meal! But don't linger too long, because we have some exceptional cultural events lined up for you. The programme encompasses performances and shows at the Stadttheater and the Altstadtheater, concerts at the Konzertverein, the Georgian Chamber Orchestra, the Audi Summer Concerts, the Blues Festival, Cabaret Days and a jazz festival. In short, a rich and varied cultural scene is waiting to be explored in Ingolstadt. After a lie-in and a filling breakfast on Sunday, we highly recommend the free organ recital in the Asam Church Maria de Victoria. Enjoy classical music and breathtaking surroundings that will stir your soul.

Good-mood tips for bad weather

If it's cold or rainy outside, then Ingolstadt's museums are the place to go. Viewing their exhibitions and displays is a fantastic way to spend a wet day: you'll be astounded by the diversity and quality of the museums in the city. For those who love the water, then a miserable day provides the perfect excuse to head to a sauna or swimming pool – either with or without flumes and other fun features. Just the thing for releasing those endorphins and bringing a smile to your face again! Or how about a trip to Hollywood's dream factories? Whether you prefer action or romance, there's sure to be a film you want to catch at Cinestar, the art cinema in the Audi Forum or one of the cinemas in the Old Town.





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