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Danube Cycle Path

Throughout time, the Danube has acted as the link between different historical eras, promoted cultural exchange between peoples and inspired artistic endeavour. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that there is a wide variety of cultural attractions on offer around the Danube. All architectural styles – from Gothic through Renaissance to Baroque – are represented in important buildings along its banks. And there is plenty of history waiting to be explored, from fossils in the Altmühl Valley, Stone Age hunters in the Alb region, Celtic ramparts near Ingolstadt and Romans in Straubing and elsewhere.
The German Danube is a richly varied landscape for holiday-makers with a special appreciation of culture and nature who want to visit the many exciting attractions along the banks of this great river. The region is particularly suitable for cyclists and boating fans who are looking for leisurely days that keep pace with this major European waterway. Who take the time to enjoy the openness and hospitality of the people living alongside it. And who want to savour the wealth of food and drink specialities on offer. The German Danube is the place to revive body and mind as well as enjoy an unsurpassed array of cultural events and attractions.

Pedal power – the huge popularity of electric-bike tourism

Electric bikes have made massive inroads into the segment of cycling tourism, and that trend is set to continue. This is why the Altmühl Valley Nature Park, the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen holiday region, the Hallertau hops region, the Franconian Lake District and the Romantic Franconia region plus the city of Ingolstadt have joined forces with the aim of promoting the topic throughout the entire region. "Stromtreter" is the name of the project that has established an e-bike region at the heart of Bavaria. It comprises a comprehensive network of specialist tours, charging stations, hire facilities and repair workshops. Serving as a role model, Ingolstadt Tourismus und Kongress GmbH is leading the way and, in cooperation with Stadtwerke Ingolstadt (SWI), has opened an e-bike charging station with parking facilities at the redeveloped Nordbahnhof railway station in Ingolstadt. The station is open to the public. As a member of the Stromtreter initiative, Ingolstadt offers a captivating mix of history, tradition and contemporary urban flair that is perfect for exploring on an e-bike.

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