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The baroque jewel lacking a forecourt and towers, the baroque church of Maria de Victoria is sited somewhat secluded in the Old Town, but a look into its interior reveals its full glory. Two precious art treasures adorn this jewel, built from 1732 to 1736 as an oratorio of the Marian student congregation. Painted by Bavaria’s most celebrated baroque artist Cosmas

Damian Asam, at the height of his powers, the fresco’s theme is the Lord’s incarnation. Measuring 42 x 16 m, it is the world’s largest fresco on a flat ceiling. The best way to appreciate this masterly achievement in perspective is to walk around the auditorium. The Lepanto Monstrance Another treasure, the Lepanto Monstrance was finished in 1708. The filigree work of art in gold and silver graces the treasury. Portraying the Christians’ naval victory over the Turks at Lepanto, it is a unique battle representation on the world’s most valuable monstrance.

Adults3,00 €
Allowance1,50 €
Chrildren under 18 Yearsfree

Asam Church Maria de Victoria

Neubaustraße 1 1/2, 85049 Ingolstadt