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Exceptional artefacts found in the Ingolstadt region bear witness to all eras of prehistory and early history. Highlights include the City Museum’s finds from the Celtic settlement of Manching, as well as Ingolstadt’s famous amber necklace. The Middle Ages marked Ingolstadt’s heyday as a ducal residence and Bavaria’s first university city. An original model from 1571 introduces visitors to the city’s medieval layout.
The City Museum provides a vivid account of princely prestige, pomp and civic pride, and the city’s heritage of learning, artistry and piety. King Gustavus Adolphus’ white horse, Ingolstadt’s famed trophy from the Thirty Years War, attests to the fortress town’s martial history. The handcraft department traces how Ingolstadt became an industrial town, with a walking reconstructed snuff stamper.

Adults6,00 €
Allowance4,00 € (incl. Toy Museum)
regular w/o special Exhibition5,00 €
Allowance w/o Exhibition3,00 €
Children under 18 Yearsfree

Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt

Auf der Schanz 45, 85049 Ingolstadt