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The successful result of a joint effort of the Alf Lechner foundation and the city of Ingolstadt, the Lechner Museum opened its doors in 2000. Preserving the building’s industrial structure the former Audi AG workshop was transformed into a functional museum flooded with light. Its streamlined simplicity is in perfect harmony with Lechner’s artistic principles. Time and again, changing exhibitions highlight new facets of the distinguished steel sculptor’s work. Alongside diverse sculptural works, individual exhibitions also showcase the sculptor’s sketches and autonomous graphical artworks. Alf Lechner attaches great value to engaging other artists in a dialogue. Regularly he invites fellow artists to take part in a joint exhibition project.

Adults10,00 €
Allowance3,00 €
Children under 14 yearsfree


ADMISION CHARGES Museum + Obereichstätt
Adults9,50 €
Children above 14 Years7,00 €
Children under 14 Yearsfree

Lechner Museum

Esplanade 9, 85049 Ingolstadt