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Composition of advance and tradition Ingolstadt’s Museum of Concrete Art is Germany’s only museum specialised exclusively in Concrete Art. Its 1000 sq. exhibition area and the neighbouring sculpture garden feature works by this art movement’s most significant proponents dating back to its beginnings. Bought by the city of Ingolstadt in 1981, the Gomringer collection is the museum’s core exhibit. To supplement it, more objects have since been bought and borrowed. In 1992, the museum opened in a former barracks building erected in the 18th century and refurbished in an award-winning project. The collection comprises the works of Josef Albers, Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse, Victor Vasarely, François Morellet and Jesus Rafael Soto, among others. Alongside its extensive collection, the Museum of Concrete Art regularly shows changing exhibitions. They showcase the full gamut of Concrete Art, as well as developments in design related to concrete art by virtue of their formative principles.

Adults5,00 €
Allowance3,00 €
Chrildren under 18 Yearsfree
Groups from 10 Persons3,00 € per Person

Museum für Konkrete Kunst

Tränktorstr. 6-8, 85049 Ingolstadt