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The Reduit Tilly is the central building of the Bavarian fortification from the 19th century, built in 1828 to 1850. The facade was designed by Leo von Klenze. The impressive building houses exhibits in over 30 rooms, depicting the background, development and consequences of World War One. This is the most extensive exhibition on the topic in Germany.

Alongside military action and life at the front the presentation is also dedicated to questions such as hunger in the homeland or changing role of women in society. This war significantly influenced how the 20th century developed. Trenches, poisonous gas and the fight for materials are concepts which epitomise the horror of war, and depicted most visually by hundreds of original objects in the museum.

Adults3,50 €
Allowance3,00 €
Sun1,00 €
Children under 18 Yearsfree


Combination Ticket Neues Schloss, Reduit Tilly, Turm Triva
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Allowance5,00 €

Bayerisches Armeemuseum

Paradeplatz 4, 85049 Ingolstadt