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Historical building in the Old Town. The Classicist mirrored hall, its adjoining rooms and an historical staircase ensure an exclusive ambience for conferences, talks and functions.


Floor area in m²: 200
Ceiling height in m: 5,1
Theatre-style seating: 250
Parliament-style seating: 70
Floor area in m²: 95
Ceiling height in m: 2,9
Theatre-style seating: 80
Parliament-style seating: 60
Block seating: 40
"U"-layout seating: 40

Equipment and facilities in the conference suites:

  • Standard conference equipment,
  • daylight, full dimming,
  • video, audio,
  • moderator's toolkit,
  • projector,
  • stage

General Information

  • bus stop 50 metres away,
  • accessibility: wheelchair-accessible doors and toilets


  • Catering:
    An external catering supplier may be used.

Kolping Akademie Ingolstadt

Johannesstr. 11, 85049 Ingolstadt