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Frankenstein in Ingolstadt: we've got the original

A spine-chilling scream pierces the Ingolstadt night. A few moments later a dark shadow hurries through the narrow streets of the Old Town, close to the people taking part in the Frankenstein themed tour, who all hold their breath.

Step back into the 19th century and the fascinatingly eerie world of Frankenstein, and you'll shudder! Because the legend of Victor Frankenstein, who is reputed to have audaciously crossed the boundaries between life and death, between mind and matter, lives on. No wonder, because Ingolstadt Old Town provides the ideal setting for treating visitors to tales and legends from the earliest days of modern medicine.

The "Hohe Schule" building was once used by the first Bavarian state university and the Anatomical Institute, now the Museum of Medical History, housed the one of the first medical faculties. Wherever pioneers are at work, visions become a reality – but perhaps sinister creatures also take shape. At least, that was what many people feared. Mary Shelley played on such fears in writing her popular novel "Frankenstein" in 1818. Throw the quest for immortality into the mix, and you have a timeless formula that still draws many inquisitive tourists to our city.

We highly recommend the Frankenstein themed tour to all those who would like to visit the real locations woven into the story – and whose nerves are strong enough. So beware! There may be a few scary surprises along the way.


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