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Ingolstadt the fortified city: the "key" to Bavaria

The people of Ingolstadt like to refer to themselves as "Schanzer". This nickname, which in effect means "the people from the fortifications", harks back to the city's lengthy tradition as a stronghold of many rulers, strategically located between the Danube river crossing and key trade routes. Brave soldiers and defiant citizens staved off many an attack from the "Schanz" – the fortifications. Their task was made easier by an ingenious complex of fortifications that are so well preserved that Ingolstadt today is considered a unique open-air museum of German military architecture.

Tour of the fortifications

The first stage of the Ingolstadt fortifications tour proceeds through the former Bavarian State Fortress Ingolstadt from the bridgehead (Konrad Adenauer Bridge) to Rechberg Front (Rechbergstrasse). New signs point the way. Large information panels erected by the Friends of the Bavarian State Fortress Ingolstadt explain the individual structures and buildings.


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