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Butler Front

Butler Front is the first part of the irregular fronts, which were of a simpler construction than the regular fronts due to the originally marshy nature of the ground in front of them, but also for reasons of cost. Substantial portions of these fronts survive: the section of the main wall as far as the present-day Scherbelberg, large sections of the earthworks, the caponier (now known as Front 79), the Künettegraben ditch (the water defences in front) and several blockhouses along the Künettegraben.
The caponier is now used as a youth centre and events location. One of the blockhouses has been converted for use by a beer garden and the other two are used by a bird breeders' association. The casemates of the main wall have been incorporated into the open-air swimming pool, which is on the site of Butler Front.


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