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Raglovich Front

The first section of the newly constructed regular fronts faced onto the Danube downstream. Of the many original buildings, only part of Dallwigk Cavalier, Heydeck Cavalier and the Neue Feldkirchener Tor have survived. The remaining buildings of Raglovich Front were demolished at the start of the 20th century to create space for the extension to the Royal Bavarian Ordnance Foundry.

The round water tower and the angular superstructure on top of the remains of Dallwigk Cavalier are conversions from the time the Ordnance Foundry was built. The foundations of the casemates in the main wall and the demolished half of the cavalier are visible. The green strip ("Glacis") still contains remnants of the counterscarp wall and the countermine system.

Further remnants of foundations can be found in the grounds of the University of Applied Sciences, such as the tip of the caponier of Raglovich Front. The riverbank battery (known by locals as the "railway battery") from 1870 is beyond the railway tracks. This battery was intended to protect the area around the railway bridge.

The Employment Office is housed in Heydeck Cavalier. It was converted into a barracks building as long ago as 1899/1900 and some of the field-facing embrasures were replaced by windows; the roof's earth covering was also removed. From the very earliest layout, the road led through the building's central axis. The former city gate, the "Neue Feldkirchener Tor" that stood in front of it now stands isolated. The main walls previously abutted it to the right and left. The wall is still preserved on one side. The Neue Feldkirchener Tor was designed by Leo von Klenze.


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