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Reduit Tilly and Klenzepark

The redoubt is a semi-circular fortification that would have served as the royal family's last refuge in time of war, and guarded the bridgehead. It was named after Tilly, the Marshal of the Catholic League, who was wounded at the Battle of Rain against the Swedes in 1632. He died in Ingolstadt in what is now known as the Tilly House (the house of Prof. Rath) and his body was taken to Altötting. The redoubt as it stands today, by the fortifications architect Streiter, dates back to 1828 and follows the circular pattern promoted by Dürer. It is considered to be the first classical fortification, known as the Ludwigsfestung.

The First World War section of the Bavarian Army Museum is housed in Reduit Tilly. The area around Reduit Tilly was landscaped into a park for the 1992 State Flower Show in Ingolstadt and named after the court architect Leo von Klenze. Amid the magnificent fortress complex there are spacious open green areas, a maze made from plants and flowers, a children's playground, a beer garden and sensory gardens. Art exhibitions and other events are held in the Reithalle and the Exerzierhaus, the former riding hall and drill hall respectively.


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