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Vieregg Front

The only remaining visible section of Vieregg Front, the fourth section of the city walls, is Hepp Cavalier. The Neue Kreuztor gate in front of Hepp Cavalier is part of Pappenheim Front.
Hepp Cavalier, which like the other preserved cavaliers has been restored to a very good condition, houses the City Museum, the city archives, Ingolstadt Toy Museum and other bodies. It appears as in the time of its use as a barracks, in other words the building now has large windows on all sides. There were originally only embrasures for guns and infantry weapons on the side facing the enemy.
Now only Zweibrücken Cavalier still has embrasures on the field sides. Large windows were installed in the other cavaliers during their conversion into barracks in around 1900 and the original earth mounds on the roof were removed.


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