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Ingolstadt is green: State Flower Show 2020

Ingolstadt hosted the first ever Bavarian State Flower Show in 1992. This led to the transformation of the south bank of the Danube from a neglected waste ground into Klenzepark, an amenity hemmed by fortifications that is now there for the enjoyment of all ages. It is the venue of Audi Summer Concerts, exhibitions and the annual Art Fair. Klenzepark is also one of the locations used for the avant-garde International Dance Festival. Exactly 20 years on from the first flower show, Ingolstadt was chosen as the venue for the next State Flower Show, which will be sited in the north west of the city in 2020 – a major coup for our city on the Danube. The ground-breaking challenge facing the planners this time is to create a nature zone on a site edging the city centre and surrounded by industrial, residential, commercial and recreational areas.


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