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Everything you'll need to know: Ingolstadt visitor information

On the next few pages you will find a summary of miscellaneous important and useful information – from accessible hotels and restaurants to discount cards that will qualify you for special shopping bargains. This information is intended as a concise summary.

Accessible Ingolstadt: if you need additional services

We have compiled a list of hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities that genuinely meet the standard for accessible travel – because we want you to feel at ease and well looked after in every respect here in Ingolstadt. These catering establishments have made special provision for visitors with accessibility needs – you'll feel welcome here!


Public toilets: general map

"Mummy, I need to go!" But it's not just the little ones who sometimes need to pay a call while out and about – but how do you go about finding the nearest public toilet? There are plenty available in Ingolstadt city centre. We have prepared a general map to assist you.


Coach parking: where to find super-size spaces

While car drivers won't have much difficulty finding a parking space for their car in Ingolstadt, as a coach driver you'll know finding a space isn't quite that simple. This map shows you where coach parking is available – both in convenient city-centre locations and on the outskirts, where there is more space.


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